Profiles of selected Shearers for the Perth City Muster.


Brett King  Australia

-Australian Sports Shear Champion 2001

-4 time WA State Champion

-4 time runner-up State Champion

-Represented Australia at World Championships 5 times.

Represented Australia at Trans Tasman Tests vs. NZ 5 times.

-Made National Finals 6 times.

-Made 60 open Shearing Finals.

-Held 15 Speedshearing Titles (1st) around Aust.


Tom Wilson Scotland

- Holds the 4 stand Strong wool Ewes World Record set in 1984, NZ (2519)

- World Champ 1984 (individual)

- World champs team (Scotland) Masterton NZ 1998

- Been in every World Champs final from 1998 to 2005 


Darin Forde New Zealand

- Holds the Solo Strong wool Ewe World Record of 720 in 9hrs

- 2 stand Strong wool Ewe World Record of 1335 in 9hrs

- 6 stand Strong wool Lamb World Record (757personal) in 9hrs

- Has represented NZ 12 times at International events.

- 2nd at World Championships, Sth Africa, 2000

- DB National NZ Champ 4 times for all breeds.

- 3rd Golden Shears, Masterton, NZ 1996


Kenneth Norman South Africa

- Won South Africa open 2000, 2003, 2005

- Semis at World Championships Scotland 2003

- Made final World Championships South Africa 2000

- 3rd World Championships in Australia 2005

- Holds 3 stand Merino Lambs World Record set 2003 (1208 in 8hrs)




He hasn't had the same competitive interest or success as the other competitors but is internationally known and a well respected Shearer in the UK and one of the countries biggest
shearing contractors in the UK. He is an ideal Wildcard; in his career he has shorn in the US, Falkland Islands, Norway, Wales and basically all over the world. He is a master
Shearer and will keep the other legends honest.