The spectacle consists of -

                                        The setting of a new WORLD RECORD for a solo Merino

                                        Ewe by one of our All-Star Shearing Guns.                                       


                                        Introducing the fast paced and cut throat

                                        SHEAR POWER INVITATIONAL  

                                        competition format to the World with competitors from

 the England, Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa and                       Australia.


                                        A CELEBRITY EVENT.  


2.00 pm                          Official WORLD SPEEDSHEAR RECORD for a MERINO EWE.

                                        Each of the 4 International competitors will have 2 attempts at   

                                        setting the new World Record for a solo Merino Ewe while adhering

                                        to a strict points system adjudicated by World Record Committee

                                        Judges. The Shearer with the quickest time becomes the new World Record holder.


3.00 pm                          The most explosive show on Earth, the SHEAR POWER

                                        INVITATIONAL, with it’s furious pace and gruelling format. 5 minute 

                                     heats, sudden death eliminations and extended time finals makes

                                        this, the hottest Shearing Show in the world. Big prize money with

                                        reputations on the line, featuring the most recognised guns in the

                                        Shearing world right here in Perth.


5.00 pm                          Have a laugh while your favourite CELEBRITIES, MUSICIANS and    

                                       SPORT STARS have a crack at knocking the wool off one of our

                                       specially prepared sheep. Trained and coached throughout by a

qualified AWI instructor, the celebrities have one attempt to prove they are the quickest amateur Shearer with all proceeds going to the 2006 Appealathon.


Close 6.00 pm with presentations to each award winner to follow on City Muster’s main stage at 7.20pm.