World Speedshear Committee Rules

For World Speedshear Record Attempts

Any person wishing to attempt a World Speedshear record must apply in writing to:  Secretary, World Speedshear Records Committee, at least 30 days prior to the record attempt - Fees to be paid at least 14 days prior to the record attempt.

There will be a minimum of two referees for an attempt; one of the referees must be from another country

All applications must be accompanied by:
    (a) The Standard Fees
US$1600            Per application, per class 1 to 5 shearers
US$2500            Per application, per class 6 to 10 shearers


Sheep Classes

1          Strong wool (e.g British breed)

2            Crossbred (50% merino)

3            Merinos  


Sheep Types in each class

(a)        One even line of ewes
(b)        One even line of wethers
(c)        One even line of lambs


Sheep Specifications

1.  Strong wool ewes and wethers no less than 18 months old:      

-          Wool weight no less than 3kgs of wool.


2.  Strong wool Lambs:

        -   Wool weight of no less than 0.9kg


3. Merino ewes and wethers no less than 18 months old:

-          Wool weight no less than 3.4kgs of wool


4. Merinos Lambs:

-          Wool weight no less than 1kg


5.  Crossbred ewes and wethers (50% Merino) no less than 18 months old:

-  Wool weight no less than 3.4kgs of wool


6.  Crossbred Lambs (50% Merino):

- Wool weight no less than 1kg


Guidelines and Rules

1                     Application for an attempt must be made to the World Speedshear records committee

2                     A medical person with first aid kit must be in attendance at the attempt

3                     The sheep will be crutched to the official template only (referees to check) over crutched sheep will be discarded

4                     The shearer starts with his sheep between his legs, handpiece connected and on the floor and the shearing plant on but out of gear

5                     The referee counts down the start from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go

6                     The time will be taken from GO by 2 referees and one other person, and will be taken until the shearer pulls his cord after finishing his sheep

7                     Any false starts, (starting before GO) will be penalised by adding 25 seconds onto the finishing time

8                     Any wool plucked or cut after the finishing time i.e. “Cord pulled out of gear” will incur a 25 second penalty added to the finishing time

9                     Sheep will be assessed standing under normal world record committee rules unless a special reason for turning over is needed and all referees agree

10                 A rejected sheep requires a majority decision from referees

11                 Wool weight will be taken after the sheep is shorn and judged

12                 All wool must be weighed on accurate scales with all referees approval (weight checked)

13                 The shearer may shear two sheep only under each type, and choose the fastest time

14                 If the wool weight does not come up to the specified weight for that class then the time is null and void

15                 If a sheep is rejected then the time is null and void

16                 Only two sheep for each type can be shorn at an attempt for one class with one application.

-          e.g. Merino application may shear; 2 Merino lambs, 2 merino wethers, 2 merino ewes maximum

-          e.g. Strong wool application; 2 strong wool, ewes, 2 strongwool wethers 2 strongwool lambs maximum

17         Any shearer who breaks a record according to the procedure laid down will receive recognition, i.e.  

                  Certificate, medal.

18         The World Speedshear Records Committee Secretary may require a 7-day lapse between attempts

19         If an attempt is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, monies will be refunded, less costs.
20         In the case of failure to attain required quality standards, or failure of the sheep or wool to meet the

                  specifications, no refunds will be given

21         On the completion of an attempt, which receives the unanimous approval of the referees, the

Referees will announce that a new World Speedshear record has been achieved

22         Any persons with a complaint must personally present the written and signed complaint to the Chief

Referee within 10 minutes of the completion of the attempt.
23         A report on the attempt must be completed as soon as possible and a copy made available to the

Secretary, shearer(s) and World Speedshear Records Committee

24         The decision of the World Speedshear Records Committee Referees will be final.



World Speedshear Records Committee

PO Box 1982, Esperance, Western Australia 6450

Ph: 1300 713 151






Shear Power Sprint Rules



- Sheep must be shorn to above quality standard in conjunction with World Record rules for that sheep type. (Strong wool 12, Crossbred 15, Merino 18)


- Shearers must catch and dispose of all sheep without assistance


- Catch applies (machine out of gear and hand on door before time)


- No more than 3 rejects per heat and no more than 4 rejects for final.


- Sheep requiring stitching instant disqualification for that heat/final


- Two highest scoring Shearers after the heats move into final (sudden death separates any draws)


- Draw in final will go to best of 3 sudden deaths.